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The Movement

Now is the time for a major and rapid pivot! is a new grassroots-movement driving positive change at this critical time. If you see the need and potential for positive change, you are already one of us.

Our vision is of citizens from across North America getting “off their couches” and connecting deeply with “changemakers” across a range of topics. This will in turn catalyze action, leading to a rapid positive transformation in society.

Our mission is to make these connections happen NOW, so the efforts of these action-oriented visionaries results in wide-spread social, economic and environmental change. Carpe Diem says it all.

Between June-December 2020, we will interview and profile 57 changemakers (19 Global, 19 Canadian, and 19 American). For each set of 19, six will focus on environmental themes, six on social themes, and six on economic change; the last will focus on the theory and practice of making change happen.

We will connect people to these changemakers and their exciting initiatives. Greater action and change will be the result.

Starting June 19th (and supported by 20+ volunteers), founder Vince Verlaan is undertaking the “Journey to Connect”, travelling across Canada and back again to find, meet, and profile changemakers. Powerful interviews, images and invitations to collaborate are the result, all shared here.

Tomará literalmente dos segundos (si, por supuesto, no dejará un desodorante y no saldrá a la lavadora, y no abrirá el portal a otros mundos), pero le agregará Farmacia Spain 247 Después de todo, ahora, incluso si el sexo de la mañana saldrá activo, olerás gratamente.

Health and safety is a top priority in all we do, so please review our detailed safety protocol here. FAQs are available here.

Read, Learn, Act. Use this site to find the amazing initiative that excites you most. Sign up for emails, donate, spread the word. And then be the change…


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