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Safety Protocol – Health and Safety Protocol for the “Journey to Connect”

Our team is hyper-focused on ensuring the health and safety of everyone we will interact with during this 6 month foundational initiative launch, and especially during the cross-continent “Journey to Connect” starting June 19, 2020. 

We recognize our privilege, the sensitivities and risks of this time, and the obligation we have to identify and actively reduce/eliminate risk to anyone involved. We commit fully to doing so, and have prepared this protocol to summarize and to share our thinking and our active efforts to respond to these concerns and imperatives as a first priority. 


A connected, supportive network of people working together for the common good is a critical foundation for positive change.  Implementing this journey to connect is essential because Humanity is personal!  

We experience our humanity through hope, connection and belonging. COVID-19 has created a vacuum from which springs momentum and a desire for positive change.

In these COVID-19 times, however, we have reflected deeply upon how this global pandemic is both the catalyst for and the reason we are holding a deep commitment to the safety of the journey through detailed safety procedures.  

Our actions will all stem from the precautionary and adaptive approach to life in this new COVID-19 world. We are committed to only the highest standards of safeguarding health for the people we cross paths with and for the communities we visit on this journey to connect.  

Adapting to the evolving Medical Health Officer directives in each Province, as the situation evolves, commits that if crossing into one of the ten provinces is restricted, we will change the trip itinerary.  And if safety and wellness feedback evolves, we will refine and revise our protocol, procedures, and plans accordingly such as from in-person to virtual events. 

For the 38 local moderated discussions planned along the journey, we will address risk concerns through the support and local knowledge led by each of the local organizers, and informed by current local safety protocols. In all cases, we will clearly communicate that anyone with any health risk should only participate through the online and remote actions and activities. Additionally, physical distancing standards and masks will be the foundation of our presence.


  • Preserve health for communities, interviewees, media, politicians and all attendees
  • Ensure safety and health for Vince
  • Apply a precautionary approach with strict prescriptive procedures, yet with adaptability to necessary changes, that will address any challenges that arise through the journey

Safety Procedures:

    • Take temperature every morning 
    • Practice physical distance of 2 meters (six feet) between people in all cases
    • After using showers and bathrooms in private homes, all surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant solution
    • Gloves will be worn in public spaces such as stores and gas stations
    • Travelling food preparation will be isolated through use of a food cooler and camp stove
    • Hands will be washed thoroughly, at every opportunity, with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time
    • No touching of face, eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
    • Gloves and mask will be worn during local event set-up and take-down
    • Mask will be worn throughout the journey whenever other people are present
    • After every local event all surfaces will be cleaned with disinfectant solution (wear gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces)
    • After any use of the microphones or other shared-access electronics, disinfecting spray will be used to clean all surfaces
    • Food, drinks, and utensils will not be shared
    • There will be no shaking hands or hugs
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